RhythmX Corporate Affiliate Discounts and Wellness Program


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Employee Wellness Programs have proven to be highly beneficial to the long-term viability of all businesses. Particularly, our Dance and Fitness Wellness Program, along with our nutritional support, help individuals get in shape, practice a healthier life style and be happier. Consequently, we feel very confident that our program’s positive impact will reduce health care costs and absenteeism on the job, thus resulting in improved employee productivity.

Happier and healthier individuals in a work place increases the opportunities of companies to achieve a positive Return-on-Investment; consequently validating our wellness program as a benefit to the overall performance of the company. Our program could thus be considered an investment in the future, rather than as a cost. Under certain circumstances our program could also be offered as a complimentary service at no cost to the businesses; providing the company with economic value without any financial out of pocket risk.

RhythmX, LLC understands the challenges of a fast paced and demanding job environment. As a result, we offer a very simple but highly effective wellness system that embraces the needs of companies and its employees to be healthier under low cost and time efficient variables and constraints. Even further, our company is aware that the addition of a new wellness program could be perceived to increase the workload on the HR department, as well as on the employees who are developing and coordinating the program. However, by participating in our Dance and Fitness Wellness Program, we would free companies from the responsibility of planning and executing the program; the entire plan and its implementation falls completely on us. We are experts in the dance and fitness field, with a leading staff that is trained and ready to effectively execute our program within organizations with minimal effort or time on the part of the company staff. Additionally, our Employee Dance and Fitness Wellness Programs are completely customized to the needs of each company, opening the door for the management teams to choose the level of participation that best suits the companies’ needs.

The mission of The RhythmX Dance and Fitness Wellness Program is to improve the overall health and well-being of employees’ lives through nutritional support and dance and fitness activities that sustain a healthy and positive lifestyle. We are fully committed to help companies and their management teams to promote and support any investment directed to the most precious resource— the company staff. As a result, businesses will experience improved employee productivity and morale, as well as valued healthcare cost savings.

For additional information regarding our Dance and Fitness Wellness Program, please contact us at 407-412-6976 or email us at info@rhythmx.com