Where lyrics and rhythm join forces!   Challenging musicality and dance movement!



2014-07-19 15.10.28The dance style changes every week dependent on the type of song chosen and choreographer teaching the class.

Music examples include: Rap, RnB, Pop, Dubstep, and Alternative.

Expect diversity and originality! Class is geared to the dancer that is passionate about dance casually or professionally.

EVERY class is a YouTube video shoot! This is intended to be used as motivation towards mastering the material learned in class, to share with friends, to use as an online portfolio, and to make class more fun! Come learn, dance and network!


DJ Khaled- How Many Times | Percy Nelson Choreography Rhythmx screen shot



Rihanna- B*tch Betta Have My $$ | Mylow ChoreographyRhythmx screen shot



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Per Class – $10
5 Classes – $50
10 Classes – $80