StretchXCore Rotator for web

StretchXCore fuses together dance fitness, traditional dance stretches and core exercises. This unique class format is designed to help individuals practice the art of stretching and core workouts in a fun, easy and motivating environment. Participants will learn how to properly and safely stretch the full body, especially muscles most commonly used and injured in dance fitness. StretchXCore will help regular students increase their flexibility and strengthen their core. Other great benefits can include improved range of motion, balance, reduced muscle tension and leaner muscles.

This class is open to dance and fitness advocates of all ages and all levels. Please bring your own fitness mat. We prefer for participants to take the class barefoot, however you may also wear sneakers. Flexible footwear is recommended. Please do not wear just socks as we will be doing some dance fitness routines and socks could be slippery and not safe.

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