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As a native Colombian growing up in Miami, I was born to dance!

I took my dancing and professional performing skills to the next level in my teen years, adding styles such as hip hop, jazz and ballroom to my repertoire.

Over 5 years ago I came across Zumba. I instantaneously became a Zumba Fitness addict and haven’t sobered up since! This insanely fun new Latin flavored dance fitness program had my name written all over it! I just had to become an instructor and add my unique fun Miami vibe, hip motions and chore fitness elements to it!

In 2012, I made my big move to Los Angeles, joining LA Dance Fit with my hopes to bring the Miami flavor to the West Coast. I was graciously welcomed to the community as my classes grew tremendously over a short period of six months. I currently teach over 10 classes a week at multiple locations across the West Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas.

It is my goal to make everyone in the greater Los Angeles area aware of the Zumba Fitness program; I know everyone will fall in love with it in the same way that I did. The Zumba formula works and I use the method because it sets all my students, beginners and advanced, to success.

Celebrities like Dayanara Torres, Lori Loughlin, Valerie Ortiz and Famke Janssen take my classes on regular basis, so don’t be surprised if you catch one of them when you join us on the dance floor and party your way into shape with me!  

I am a Licensed Zumba® Jammer  focusing on Salsa 

Rhythm Jam sessions are 3-hour practice sessions in which ZIN members will learn to identify music rhythms associated with Zumba Fitness program, learn how to properly execute specific rhythm steps and variations and walk away with 2 rhythm-specific choreography routines you can incorporate in your class right away. The goal of the Rhythm Jam session is to help ZIN members build the confidence to teach every rhythm to the best of their ability.


“There are shortcuts to Happiness, and Dancing is one of them.”

Vicki Baum

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