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A native of Cuba, Raul’s passion for music and dancing triggered a desire to pursue the dream of being a salsa dancer and instructor in his homeland. His love for dancing continued to grow throughout time, but his availability to teach was considerably reduced when he was granted the lifetime opportunity of moving to the United States.

When first arriving, the inevitable language barrier and the new responsibilities were Raul’s biggest challenges. In 2010, after dedicating the time necessary to learn the English language, Raul decided to take a Zumba® class, which was being conducted by Vanessa Valentin. He had heard about RhythmX and its growing popularity for several months from friends and acquaintances, so he took that first step and took his first Zumba® Class.

For Raul, it was the missing puzzle piece that had eluded itself since his arrival to the U.S. He missed the sounds of percussion and the contagious energy of the Latin rhythms from his homeland.

It was love at first sight …or in this case, dance! The transition came easily to Raul. Not only could he dance to his native rhythms, but also become fit.

Like many young men, Raul was lean, but recognized immediately that his eating habits had to change in order to take full advantage of the new door that had opened in his life….dance and fitness!

One of his goals was to gain weight, but in a healthy way, while developing muscle as well. He knew in his heart that he had found the vehicle which would be a vital part of his success. It was fun, and it incorporated cardio and toning routines that he had never been exposed to. Raul was hooked! Zumba® and dance fitness was what he needed and truly loved.  Raul became a regular at RhythmX and began showing interest and talent in choreographing.

Shortly afterwards, He enrolled in the “Instructor Training Program” that Vanessa Valentin developed to not only help new and upcoming  talents, but to also give a closer look at RhythmX’s dedication and the expectations of superior quality of their classes and students.

Raul’s unique style brings a lot of energy and spice to his routines and the passion he has for what he does is evident at all times.

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